Happy clients

I cannot recommend Naomi highly enough. She is compassionate, patient and really easy to talk to. Throughout our sessions Naomi taught me strategies and methods to deal with my anxiety, I now have a greater awareness and control of my thought processes and deal with issues in a much more balanced way. Thank you so much.

'I felt instantly comfortable and at ease with Naomi. I feel safe and able to fully confide in her. She fully listens to me and after my sessions with Naomi I feel motivated to face my issues head on. I would not hesitate to recommend her.'

‘Naomi is so warm and friendly, every week was like having a catch up with a friend - someone I already knew. We talked a lot about different theories and coping mechanisms which helped immensely. I am much more stable and level headed and am able to deal with issues much more effectively. Thankyou for everything.’

‘I want to start by saying that over the years I have seen numerous counsellors, therapists and different kinds of treatment, none of which have been successful but I thought what harm could trying another one do. So, when I started seeing Naomi I was having anxiety and panic attacks like I have for years because I suffer from seizures and therefore I panic about going out in case I have one etc. Since seeing though, for the first time in years I no longer have these and I don’t panic about panic about going out or having a seizure when I’m out.

I also suffer with body dysmorphia and eating disorders and Naomi has helped me massively in when I am having a set back or have triggers, I now know better how to deal with those. I found it really comfortable talking to her, she is the first counsellor/hypnotherapist (person in fact) I’ve ever opened up to and actually really spoke to because she doesn’t make you feel like she’s judging or anything, she just listens and chats and makes you feel relaxed and at ease from the minute you meet her. I would 100% recommend her to anybody who is struggling.’